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Services On Demand

Whether you missed last weeks service, need to here it one more time, or you just want to share with a friend, we have our archived services with a click.  Please feel free to listen, share, and copy at your convenience.

Prophecy is supernatural utterance in a known tongue. It can be described as to speak on behalf of God with words flowing forth like a fountain from the Holy Ghost.
The purpose of the gifts of healing is to deliver the sick and destroy the works of the devil in the human body by a manifestation of the Holy Spirit.
The working of a miracle is a supernatural intervention in the ordinary course of nature; a temporary suspension of the accustomed order through the Spirit of God.
The Spiritual Gift of Special Faith is not saving faith or even general faith, but is the supernatural manifestation of the Holy Ghost to when you reach the end of…
Discerning of Spirits is as all Spiritual Gifts, given by the Holy Spirit as He chooses. This is not a natural vision or even a natural intuition of people character,…
The Word of Wisdom is not wisdom attained or even the application of knowledge, but a supernatural revelation by the Holy Spirit concerning the divine purpose and will in the mind…


October 20, 2019
We may all have deficiency in our lives, but we have access to the One with all sufficiency who generously graces us for our purpose.
Pastor Christopher Alam ministering in the evening service on Five Reasons The Cross Of Jesus Is Glorious.

Keys To Finding Your Destiny

October 13, 2019
10 Keys to finding your destiny with Pastor Christopher Alam.
The Word of Knowledge is not knowledge we learn, or study to attain, or are even secrets about others that people share with us; but it is a supernatural revealing…
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