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Services On Demand

Whether you missed last weeks service, need to here it one more time, or you just want to share with a friend, we have our archived services with a click.  Please feel free to listen, share, and copy at your convenience.

Pastor Christopher Alam ministering in the evening service on Five Reasons The Cross Of Jesus Is Glorious.

Keys To Finding Your Destiny

October 13, 2019
10 Keys to finding your destiny with Pastor Christopher Alam.
The Word of Knowledge is not knowledge we learn, or study to attain, or are even secrets about others that people share with us; but it is a supernatural revealing…
We all have a sphere of influence in which people take note of our lives as followers of Christ. We need to be a reflection of the Son and allow…
Are the Gifts of the Spirit for the church today? Absolutely! We, as the Body of Christ, need to place a precedence on the Word of God over any doctrine…


September 15, 2019
This is a not just a Word for Island Church Dundalk, but for the Body of Christ; get invested in what God is doing through the local church.
Within the gift of salvation, God has placed His nature within us and made us partakers of the Divine nature. We need a change in our perspective to begin to…
The Gift of Salvation doesn't end with being delivered from Hell, this is the beginning and a mere portion of all that Jesus provided for us in the salvation.
Thank God for His mercy, but there comes a time when He desires to mature us into people that may stand in faith to receive all the promises and provision…
This Isn't An Intellectual Gospel, It Is A Gospel of Life and Demonstration Of That Life and It's Power.
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